We Believe in a Straightforward Digital Transformation.

We're a proud, success-oriented team that uses its past experience and knowledge to adapt to new markets and technologies. We capitalize on more than 15 years of being an Outsystems Partner, with experience in high-end software solutions and products. As we evolve and expand our expertise, we're reinforcing and enlarging our tech stack. Digital Transformation starts with us, so it can continue with you.

Client Engagement

We believe in the power of trust when partnering with our clients. As part of the JOYN Group we know that a strong foundation is the first step to a successful outcome. We value our client's experience and history as much as we value our own.

Talented People

Here at Theros, we're Enablers on all fronts.
Our talented team represents who we are and how we operate. We have the skill and know-how aligned with our motivations and ambitions. We believe that respect and creativity build the perfect environment for stellar results.

A Global Digital Transformer

Theros was born to provide digital solutions to the market,
enabling real competitive advantages through agile innovative solutions.

What We Do

Agile development, Low code, Digital enablement, and more...

Solving Business challenges

Creating human-centric solutions is the goal. We always operate with responsible Architecture Engineering and UX/UI Design practices as cornerstones of successful project delivery.

Managed Services

We take over the responsibility to manage a certain tech stack, applications, their full life cycle, and user support, enabling you to benefit from predictable pricing and focus on core business concerns rather than IT management chores.

Nearshore / Offshore

We're here to enable your progress all the way. That includes access to our top skills and methodologies, making sure we have the right team by your side. Through this business model you have access to different developers’ profiles with all the advantages of having a team based in Portugal.


Innovation is the path that leads us to the future, and this is our everyday goal. Let us challenge you with new ideas, you challenge us with yours, and we can collaborate as part of the future of digital transformation.


Since your needs are constantly evolving, we know that adaptability is a must to reach your goals and ambitions. Our outsourcing team will take good care of you and overcome any challenges your projects may encounter.

How We Work

We choose the right combination of methodology, architecture, experience design, technology, and governance to support rapid innovation. Our cross-functional teams are skilled in:

What We Value

Our solutions are guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to these key values:


Respect people, value diversity, and commit to equality.

Social Citizenship

Belief in contributing to local communities and society as a whole through volunteering and support of relevant initiatives.


Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.


Commitment to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.


Emotion, proximity, and empathy will always be in the foreground of our endeavors.