Theros Launches New Version of BMS and a Special Offer

Theros, a company dedicated to the development of products and technological solutions in OutSystems, launched a new version of its BMS product and offers the first annual fee. This solution revolutionizes the way companies manage their meetings, helping boards of directors and other management teams optimize the time invested in daily meetings. The new version presents significant improvements in the user experience (UX), making the application more intuitive and easier to use, and arrives at the right time to help increase the efficiency of remote work.

The BMS solution was developed in OutSystems, a low-code development technology that allows the rapid development of mobile or web systems and applications. For Caetano Costa Macedo, CEO at Theros, this solution “improves communication within the team, makes meetings more productive, facilitates the recording of what was discussed, and compiles all of the documentation associated with the meeting,” saving time and contributing to the optimization of the operation.

Every day, numerous meetings in various sectors of activity are held with several interlocutors and associated documentation. This can result in communication failures and significant productivity losses for companies. According to a study by, we spend an average of 4 hours per week preparing meetings and 5 hours participating in meetings. The BMS appears to solve these problems, allowing users to integrate and centralize all of the information associated with their meetings and letting them access this data in real-time.

“This solution was created to solve a problem presented by one of our customers, but, as we found that this was an issue that affected many more companies, we decided to develop this solution and make it available to the entire national and international market. The circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic make solutions like this even more relevant and, therefore, we decided to offer the first year’s subscription for free,” explains Caetano Costa Macedo.

Digital transformations are especially challenging: the skills and behaviors that it values and rewards can be quite different from pre-digital organizations. The benefits of incumbency are typically knowing how the current system works and having a network of allies who help to get things done within that system. Digital disruption replaces this old system with a different one, rendering these networks potentially less valuable.

Therefore, Theros is offering the BMS solution for Scheduling, Decisions and Minutes of meetings for a 1 year period (and at a 25% discount after the first year) to all interested parties.

The solution is ready to deliver on the OutSystems platform, and it will only need remote access to each customer’s infrastructure to quickly become operational.

To learn more about BMS, visit the website:

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Article written by Caetano Costa Macedo, CEO and Co-Founder Theros